Drammar is a 10 years project about the formal description of dramatic feature in fiction and narrative that developed an ontology of drama. WikiDrammar is the wiki of Drammar and describes in detail the ontology.

The exponential spread of drama (and dramatic stories) in contemporary culture has led to forge the definition of “dramatic media” i.e. media that display characters performing live actions, such as theatre, cinema and videogames.

The notion of drama, traditionally acknowledged by studies in all disciplinary fields has been boosted, over the last decade, by the advent of digitalization and new media, with dramatic media objects shared by the users of social networks.
Drama permeates fan-fiction, amateur and traditional audiovisual production, docu-fiction, digitalized contents, etc., thus setting the need for indexing and search tools especially geared to dramatic contents.

In addition, new forms of drama have leveraged a number of AI techniques, with the devise of machine readable representations of drama and the automation of a number of dramatic functions.

Finally, the quest for the massive access to digital (dramatic) media has spawned the issue of the metadata annotation, which is necessary for the indexing, retrieval, and presentation of media items, with the appearance of models and applications in both the research and production communities.

Such scenarios advocate a carefully designed and theoretically sound model of drama, valid across different genres and media types. The wiki proposes an ontological representation to formalize the dramatic qualities of media objects. The formal ontology of the drama domain is called Drammar, and it supports reasoning components (we have run few experiments based on DL-safe SWRL rules). This has proved to augment the representation encoded in the ontology with further information obtained through automatic reasoning.