Officine Sintetiche 2015 presents: Simone Pappalardo

Officine Sintetiche 2015 presents: Simone Pappalardo

2:00 pmAula Magna – Rettorato Università di Torino – Via Verdi 8, Torino

Officine Sintetiche 2015 presents:


Simone Pappalardo graduated in Electronic music at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome. Since many years, he has created electronic compositions and interactive sound installations. He currently teaches Electroacoustic music composition at Conservatorio di L’Aquila and Computer music at Conservatorio
di Latina.


The workshop focuses on the use of electromagnetism to create sounds, musical instruments and interactive controllers. During the workshop some instruments based on cheap electronics will be designed and manufactured, mostly based on electromagnetism and electromagnetic feedback, by recycling and scavenging electromagnetic components and parts from everyday objects, no longer functional household appliances, radios etc. Electromagnetic feedback can create complex and unconventional forms of sound synthesis, which can be integrated into interactive systems and/or used in the composition process. The workshop will therefore have as its natural conclusion a collective performance entitled “Fields”. In the performance, a small orchestra based on DIY electronic instruments will be coordinated by means of a “conduction”, i.e. an improvisation driven by a set of signs that to be introduced in the previous days.

Conference: Aula Magna del Rettorato, via Verdi 8, Torino.
Workshop: Conservatorio “G. Verdi” di Torino, Aula 40, via San Francesco da Paola 27, Torino.
Performance: Superbudda, via Valprato 68, Torino.


Mercoledì 16/12/2015 14-16: Conferenza (Aula Magna del Rettorato) 17-18.30 workshop (Aula 40).
Giovedì 17/12/2015 10-13 e 14-18 workshop (Aula 40).
Venerdì 18/12/2015
– 10-13: workshop (Aula 40)
– 15-18: preparazione performance (Superbudda)
– 21: performance (Superbudda)o – Corso Castelfidardo, 34 Torino